3 Reasons You Might See a Power Outage This Fall

As the temperature continues to drop, there’s no doubt that summer is coming to a close and the fall and winter seasons are right around the corner. Many home and business owners find that they see an increased number of power outages and short circuits during the fall, making an electrical inspection for your Montgomery County property particularly needed during this season because of the tendency for increased outages to affect day-to-day life.

Here are a few reasons why your business might see more power issues in the fall.

  • Hurricane season. If you’ve turned on the news in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that fall storms have been causing a number of electrical problems and house damage in the United States and down in the Caribbean. Hurricane season is expected to run through the middle of November this year, and the heavy winds and rains that mark the season are likely to bring down a number of power lines this fall, causing widespread blackouts.
  • Animals looking for hibernation. As the fall season gets into full swing, backyard critters will begin to search for places to hibernate, which, unfortunately, can include the inside of your walls. Animals tend to chew through wiring when building nests. If you notice a sudden power outage that lasts more than a few hours, you should call an electrical contractor in Montgomery County PA to help tell if your issue can be attributed to an animal.
  • Increased power usage. Most people tend to spend more time indoors during the fall and winter seasons due to inclement weather and colder temperatures. Naturally, this means that people indoors will be using more outlets, which can lead to increased instances of power overloads and short-circuiting.

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