4 Common Winter Electric Concerns

Winter is here again, and if you’re like most people, you probably want to avoid spending time outside as much as possible. Electricity is the unsung hero of our homes and makes the winter season much more bearable.

Unfortunately, winter is also the season in which homeowners may find themselves dealing with more electrical issues. Before you cuddle up with a blanket and a warm cup of cocoa, familiarize yourself with these four common winter electrical issues, so you can be prepared and ready to call our electrical contractors in Bucks County, PA should the power go out in your home.

  • Increased electric bills. The math is simple; more time spent indoors to avoid chilly winter weather and the heavy use of your heating system equals higher electric bills. However, if you notice that your electricity bill is exceptionally high, your system may need repairs to run more efficiently.
  • Blackouts. Winter is the most common season for blackouts, as heavy freezing rain, blizzards and ice storms can bring down a power line at a mere moment’s notice. Keeping an emergency supply hit in your home that includes things like flashlights, warm blankets and a few high-calorie snacks will help to keep you safe if the blackout lasts longer than expected.
  • Electrical fires. Roofing issues or tree collapses can leave you at risk for an electrical fire, a serious danger to both your property and the health of your family. Having your home regularly inspected by a qualified electrical contractor can help protect you against the possibility of electrical fires.
  • Slow electrical service. Thanks to the above three issues combined, many residents have trouble finding an electrician to get them the help they need quickly during the winter. We at A-1 Electric will have a repair team at your door within 24 hours,so be sure to keep our number handy this season!

If you run into any of these common winter electrical issues, make sure you have a team of professionals on your side! Remember, we can’t perform both an inspection and electrical work during the same visit. This is due to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania guidelines and avoiding a conflict of interest.

Give our electrical contractors serving Montgomery County, PA a call at 800-401-6114 to get quick service that will have your home bright and warm again in no time.