A-1 Electric Helps Restore Power Following Nor’easter Storm

After the massive nor’easter swept through the east coast, Pennsylvania residents quickly found themselves dependent upon electrical professionals to restore their power. A-1 Electric, along with emergency service providers, was recently able to restore electricity to over 100,000 residents through their emergency electrical services and bucket truck services in Bucks County.

Nor’easter storms are macro-scale cyclones that are most commonly experienced in the eastern United States and Canada. Characterized by low temperatures, high-speed winds, and the potential for flash flooding, nor’easter storms can cause massive amounts of damage in short periods of time. This past month, Pennsylvania residents were rocked by a massive out-of-season nor’easter, causing over one hundred thousand residents to lose power in their homes and businesses.

During a major storm, electrical restoration is more than just an issue of convenience. Many members of the Delaware Valley community rely on their electricity to run medical devices, so a blackout can be of much more consequence than simple boredom. Businesses also rely on electricity not only to keep their doors open but also to make sure that their goods stay fresh. For example, grocery stores that are not outfitted with a generator have the potential to lose thousands of dollars worth of food should the electricity go out.

The team of high-voltage line crews and inspectors at A-1 Electric partnered with emergency management services to spring into action and help restore power to over 100,000 residents. They worked quickly and efficiently to bring power back to Pennsylvania. In the hour when speed and skill mattered the most, A-1 Electric is proud to announce that their team did an amazing job serving their community while minimizing loss.

When the next storm arrives, residents of Pennsylvania can rest with the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that they have the team at A-1 Electric, the leading electrical contractors in Montgomery County, on their side.

Additionally, remember that A-1 Electric can perform electrical services and inspections but not on the same job due to state law.