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About Us

A-1 Electric was started in 1955, when William H. Greenage Jr. was 18 years old and had a vision for working in a fascinating science field. His entire family was in the business of trades, from carpentry to plumbing to painters, and more. William H. Greenage Jr. chose electrical work because he felt it was the most important trade and would always be in high demand.

The business was passed to me, Thomas J. Greenage, and my father recently passed away on January 22, 2015. I worked with my father since I was 8 years old, and learned the ropes and tools of the trade. I learned from the best. My father never held back and always made me do things the correct way. Most of the time that meant the hard way, but it gave me my work ethic and master skills that I instill in my team today.

My father was one of the first licensed electricians in PA with a Chalfont License, and before inspections were mandatory my father would have a local insurance underwriter come to his job sites to perform an inspection. He used his expertise to explain in great detail what it is the underwriters were looking at.

Now, A-1 Electric is a trusted 3rd party source that has a dedicated team of contractors, generator inspectors, electricians, and underwriters that are trained and certified for your trust. We ensure your property is safe and secure with our attention to detail and ensuring no aspect of the job is overlooked.

We have obtained an inspectors license for residential, commercial and industrial projects. You can also trust us with many high voltage and plans examination certifications. We take pride in our work and understand the importance of making sure it’s done correctly. Please reach out to A-1 Electric for all of your control needs.