Schedule an Inspection to Keep Your Property Safe Throughout the Winter

Completing a project during the winter has its upside. Typically, it’s not as busy a time of year for inspectors, contractors and government agencies. Therefore, the construction can get done at a faster rate than it normally would if it were to be done during the spring or summer. Not only that, but the rates of construction materials also decrease due to the occurrence of seasonal sales. Winter is the ideal season to move forward with a remodeling project for your home or business.

It is critical to remember that regardless of what construction project you engage in this winter, the electrical work of the property must be properly inspected by one of our accredited and licensed professionals to attain a certificate of compliance. A legal permit is required for new construction in Pennsylvania. Otherwise, you might require an emergency electrical service for your property in Philadelphia.

To attain a permit in Montgomery County, PA, the project is required to undergo an electrical inspection not just during, but also after the construction to ensure that the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction are met. An inspection makes sure that the building’s electrical system is safe and meets all the regulations of the local, regional and national codes.

Unwanted consequences may occur if an unauthorized construction project is identified. The failure to secure a permit can result in significant fines and penalties, as well as cultivate a hazardous environment. An intriguing winter project can go bad in a hurry if a mistake is made in the electrical system or the installation was faulty. The defective components of an electrical system might result in an arc flash or an arc blast that can easily cause a fire.

If you hire a reliable third-party agency to execute inspections on your project, this can all be avoided. At A-1 Electric, we are certified by the Commonwealth of PA. We are even listed first by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry as a recommended third-party agency. Our certified and experienced team is more than capable of ensuring that your home or business is safe. If you require an emergency electrical service for your property in Bucks County, PA or another nearby area, please call 800-401-6114.

Remember, we at A-1 Electric are unable to perform both an inspection and electrical work during the same visit. This is due to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania guidelines and avoiding a conflict of interest.