Thinking about Remodeling? Keep Your Property Safe this Winter with an Inspection

Having a project completed in the wintertime has its benefits. Since it is a less busy time of year for contractors, inspectors, and government agencies, the construction tends to move along much faster than it would if it was planned to be conducted in the spring or summer. Not to mention the rates on construction materials go down from the occurrence of seasonal sales. Now is a better time than ever to embark on a remodeling project in your home or business.


However, it is important to keep in mind that no matter what construction project you engage in this winter, the electrical aspect of the property must be inspected by an accredited and licensed third party agency to receive a certificate of compliance. In the state of Pennsylvania, a permit is required for new construction.


To obtain a permit in Montgomery County, the project needs to undergo an electrical inspection during and after the construction to meet the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction. The inspections ensure that the electrical system of the building is safe, which is defined by meeting the regulations of the local, regional, and national codes.


Undesirable consequences can ensue if an unauthorized construction project is discovered. Not only can a failure to obtain a permit result in hefty fines and penalties, but it can also bring about a hazardous environment. An exciting winter project can quickly turn awry if there is an error in the electrical system or the installation wasn’t done correctly. The faulty components of an electrical system could result in an arc flash and/or arc blast that may result in a fire.


This can all be avoided, however, if you hire a reputable third party agency to perform unbiased inspections on your project. At A-1 Electric, we are certified by the Commonwealth of PA as a third party agency and listed first as a recommended third party agency by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Let our experienced and licensed electrical inspectors make sure your home or business is safe this winter as your new construction project is underway. Give a call today for a complimentary estimate.


If we are hired as electrical contractors for your project in Philadelphia, we cannot also provide the inspections.