When the Lights Go Out: How to Handle Power Surges

Lightning strikes, and before you can count to “one-Mississippi,” the thunder follows. Suddenly, the lights go out. Moments, maybe hours later, the lights turn back on.


Though it is a familiar experience for many, our experts at A-1 Electric can attest to the hidden damage and dangers that power surges can bring. Even small surges can damage your electronics over time. Faulty wiring poses a significant threat to homes and the families that live in them. That is why homeowners count on A-1 Electric for electrical inspections in Montgomery County and throughout Pennsylvania.


What is a Power Surge?


A power surge is a sudden and unintended spike in voltage. This spike can easily harm or ruin sensitive electronic systems and appliances. A surge can at its gentlest wear away delicate circuitry over time; at its strongest, it can melt components and cause fires.


LIghtning Strikes


Although many people have experienced power surges caused by lightning, it is actually not the most common cause. Such strikes are notable, though, for voltage spikes in the range of millions, with sometimes catastrophic results.


Switching of Power Grids


Perhaps even less frequently, utility companies can sometimes cause surges by initiating grid switches. Such switches are often done to help reset connections to customers after a tree limb or other disruption affects the customers’ access to power.


Appliance Operation


Surprisingly, the most common cause for power surges comes from turning large appliances on or off. Due to their high energy demand, changes in their functioning can cause disruptions to the steady flow of voltage. Though the surges might be small, they are often sufficient enough to damage electrical components over time.


We here at A-1 Electric are willing to provide service throughout Pennsylvania, but can only provide you with either electrical service or an inspection, just not both at the same time due to state law.


Whatever the cause, A-1 Electric can help. For electrical inspections in Philadelphia, call 800-401-6114 or fill out a contact form on our website.